Why I Refuse To Buy Mac OS X Lion

Neil Postman said we should always ask ourselves: “What is the problem to which this technology is the solution?”

In the case of Mac OS X Lion, I can’t think of one.

Apple hasn’t attempted to solve a problem for me. They have only released another consumer product so they can stay in business, as if being in business is an end in itself.

The end result will be this: my computer will run slower.

Explanation of their Sisyphean business model…

1.) Release new, faster hardware
2.) Release new, slower software bogged down by cosmetic features

No thanks.

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2 Responses to “Why I Refuse To Buy Mac OS X Lion”

  1. hrvst went to the beach and complained:

    Is it being the more specific? New feature qualities, explanations and demonstrations.

  2. Matt went to the beach and complained:

    Have you ever used any of the addon programs in the past? Can’t they be deleted?

    How are you benchmarking the speed of the system?

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