Study: Colored Beams Of Energy From Your Hands Can Heal You

Professor and NIH director Joie P. Jones (University of California, Irvine) has released a stunning video proving that colored beams of energy from your hands can indeed heal you. Known as, “Pranic Healing,” this discovery (which the Chinese have been practicing for thousands of years) may change the way that the world perceives and practices medicine forever. If we are able to master this art, we will no longer need to visit a doctor’s office full of advertisements for mass-produced, toxic chemicals — all of the healing powers will be present within our very hands, with no exponential, self-perpetuating side-effects. Is Western Medicine actually the pseudo-science holding us hostage? Find out for yourself!

Visit The Society for Scientific Exploration for more information on this incredible discovery!

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3 Responses to “Study: Colored Beams Of Energy From Your Hands Can Heal You”

  1. Preston went to the beach and complained:

    If you’re interested in this, check out the International Academy of Consciousness. They have an office in LA. I frequently attend classes in NYC.

  2. Pastor Eman Laerton went to the beach and complained:

    Dear Traditional Religion Suckers,
    There’s a new movement for you, dubbed “New Age”. Similar fraudulence, differing myths. A new game that takes time to master, knowing which buttons make your character heal (B, B, A+B)…

  3. Lacey went to the beach and complained:

    I cannot find the article on the pranic study at the society for scientific exploration. Any help would be appreciated!Thank you

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