Sir Millard Mulch Song In Toxic Avenger IV: Citizen Toxie


Years ago, I signed a contract with Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma to license one of my Sir Millard Mulch songs (15 Interesting Things To Do With Tiny Chairs) for The Toxic Avenger IV: Citizen Toxie. I saw some of the movie when it premiered in Atlanta, but had to leave the movie at some point (I don’t remember why). Anyway, I recently found the contract and correspondence in an old box. All this time, I figured it didn’t actually happen, but it did — according to IMDB! I just ordered a copy of The Citizen Toxie Soundtrack on Amazon. I don’t think the song was incluided on the CD version, but we’ll see.

By the way, Troma never paid me anything, except the opportunity to have something to blog about today.


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  1. ARKMAY went to the beach and complained:

    This is great!

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