Rob Wright: How Original Music Happens

Rob Wright is probably my favorite bassist in the world, and the reason I switched to playing bass back in 1995. He even inspired the first appearance of Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk‘s voice on “How To Sell The Whole F#@!ing Universe To Everybody… Once And For All!

In this video, Rob talks about being old, touring, and how original music happens.

“There’s a great deal of hope for [the music today], because if people keep downloading the way they are, perhaps we’ll put Sony and Polydor and EMI out of business. They’ll go back to making radios and car parts, and whatever else they make. They’re lousy at making music. If people can splinter away from that… and get back to people with Myspace sites, a studio in their basement… they put a video on Myspace and the next thing they know, they have a million hits… that’s the way music should happen. That’s the way original music happens. If that would happen, it would be better for musicians, and people who listen to music. For large corporations, it wouldn’t be good. But fuck them.”

I recommend you listen to his remarkable do-it-yourself rock band, NoMeansNo, who have been recording and touring non-stop for over 30 years.


I’ve met Rob and seen him play a bunch of times, and he’s always an inspiration.

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  1. Capt Silverpants went to the beach and complained:

    What a dude. “The last 10 years of pop music have been the worst ever” – totally agree. Pop music has completely stalled in my opinion. It’s sad.

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