Got Married Today

I didn’t have time to write one of my brilliant blog posts this morning.

I was busy getting married to a beautiful Argentinian female named Belén. She does complicated things with computers, is an excellent vegan cook, and actually likes my music.

No kidding.

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7 Responses to “Got Married Today”

  1. BL went to the beach and complained:

    dangerous combination. once every two hundred full moons

  2. Marty went to the beach and complained:

    congratulations, Carl!!! good work! 😀

  3. Derek Sivers went to the beach and complained:

    AWESOME! That’s so cool. Commitment is deep and powerful. A lot of new experiences (and hard lessons and such) don’t come until you really commit.

    Good move. :-)

  4. Larry Boothroyd went to the beach and complained:

    I don’t know what to believe anymore, but congratulations!
    (Your record should arrive on Monday.)

  5. natulina went to the beach and complained:

    Hi Carl! congrats & believe me you got a treasure
    We love Belen and we are going to miss her so much!!! take care of this argentinian :)
    :) please come visit soon
    Cheers! Nati

  6. Mollet went to the beach and complained:

    Gratz! Belen is better than a Tier 10 Epic set!

  7. Mariana went to the beach and complained:

    A King and and a Bethlehem star, a match made in a Bible narrative! What you may beget, only God knows, but it’s already written in the stars.
    From an icredible atheist who knows about and believes in Belén’s insight, sharp tenderness and determination coupled with what she says and I’ve read about you and your material, you’re bound to produce happy moments… for us all!
    Congratulations on these joyous piece of news.

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