The Mysterious Octopus!

Here’s a two-minute video I animated in After Effects.

The Mysterious Octopus is a sci-fi / fantasy cartoon concept I created and wrote with an old friend during all of 2009. It cost me thousands of dollars and a year of my life.

I spent part of 2010 trying to re-imagine it, but decided to just leave the concept as is and release it.

After posting all of the scripts, character bible, and theme music last month, I realized that a simple video would get the message across much better. It cost me an additional $60 for stock video (the swirling galaxies and the burning paper).

As sarcastic as the video is at times, I think the show concept is great — but after reading the works of Alan Moore and Warren Ellis, I know the scripts need to be darker and heavier. There’s no strong message in them, and to me, that makes weak art. (That’s the reason I sat on it for almost an entire year.)

BUT: What I’m most proud of is assembling the work of Lance Myers, Stephen Cox, Douglas Showalter, and some random images from Google Image Search into something cohesive to tell a little story.

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