Photos From Joe Travers & Friends @ Baked Potato 010814

26 photos I took at the Joe Travers & Friends show @ Baked Potato, January 8, 2014.

Several members of Zappa Play Zappa joined him. Mike Keneally also made an appearance on keyboard and guitar.

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Dr. Zoltan, Nature Photographer

When Dr. Zoltan is not busy destroying the music industry and pooping parties, he often takes the day off to walk on foot through the wilderness, cataloging plants, animals, and minerals before it is too late. For the first time ever, Dr. Zoltan shares some of his recent digital photos of Southern California Wildlife. 

Click HERE to visit this exclusive Flickr Photo Gallery. 

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New Photos From Dr. Zoltan @ El Cid Flamenco Dinner Theater

Click HERE to see more from this set. Photos by Andrew Lasky @ Garage Comedy, who happened to be in attendance.

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