Q&A Regarding Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

The following questions were submitted to Dr. Zoltan and did not pass the Strict Examination Requirements to appear on the audio blog series, “Why Are You Asking Me?” Therefore: they will be answered here in xhtml transitional format.

Q: I first found you through querying google video for “Sleepytime Gorilla Museum” and watching your instructional video excerpts. What’s the deal with those? Are those for sale or free?

A: Those are all free clips Sir Millard Mulch released on DVD in 2005, along with the purchase of The Book. After that, they were put up for free. I think .MOV versions are available somewhere inside Echelon, although I do not remember where at this moment. Mulch actually filmed them for two purposes: 1.) Because he had mental problems and 2.) He wanted to use them to audition for a famous rock band in Los Angeles. Turns out that Steve Vai (or was it Elton John?) enjoyed them enough to audition him, so I suppose they worked. The Dr. Zoltan videos are the 2.0 version of the Mulch videos, which have turned out to be a marketing disaster.

Q: Since there seems to be no knowledge online regarding the current and future statii of Sleepytime, and you seem to somehow be connected with them, could you clue me in? Can I expect another album, or should I just go to Top 40 Radio and pitch corrected numetal?

A: Dr. Zoltan has not had any communications with the members of Sleepytime in years. He has not even heard their most recent album. There is only the hope that whatever they continue to do is powerful and asymmetrical.

Q: What’s the correct answer to the “What’s wrong with the world?” question?

A: Just like a Douglas Adams book, you have to first have the question correct. The correct question is “What Is Wrong With The Human Race?” And do not worry, it is not a trick question and there is no hidden esoteric Masonic code in it. Through his lifetime of creative work, Dr. Zoltan hopes to answer that question better than Sir Millard Mulch did. A portion of the answer is revealed about half way through Mulch’s book, and Dr. Zoltan is picking up where Mulch left off.

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7 Questions With Brooks Wackerman

The following interview took place via e-mail, and was conducted very carefully and responsibly by Dr. Zoltan!

You have drummed with Suicidal Tendencies, The Vandals, Tenacious D., and now Bad Religion. A lot of drummers of your caliber are shameless about pimping their abilities with endorsements, websites, instructional DVDs… and you don’t even have a website. Why do you keep such a low profile?

Well, I do have my own Myspace page, which I need to make a little more fan friendly (i.e. drum set diagram, bio, etc). That’s my New Year’s Resolution. As far as whoring myself out? I’m still waiting for Cadillac to call me about using my drum solo in their commercial. I’m shamelessly waiting.

Are there any mainstream pop bands or singer / songwriters out there that you’d want to drum for?

Elvis Costello, David Bowie, David Byrne, and PJ Harvey. All of these artists would be a dream come true to play with.

As a fan of Zig Ziglar and Dr. Laura, what is your idea of success and happiness in life?

To find a lady who loves you, not only for your 5 stroke rolls, but for the man that you are.

You’re a fan of some really quirky music… Mr. Bungle and Ween, to name a few. How cerebral do you get with music? Are you a music theory geek?

Not at all..Although I’m in the midst of learning the piano. I do know a lot about drums and I do know how to read music, so maybe I am…

You live in the Imaginary City referred to as Los Angeles. What is the worst thing about it?

The pomposity, smog, and world famous traffic.

Your drumming on “Look What I Almost Stepped In” was monstrous. What type of preparation went into the recording of your tracks? Did you work from charts or did you get to develop your parts with the other players? Were the songs completed before you arrived? How creative were you allowed to be? Would you have done anything different?

No charts in punk music. Warren Fitzgerald gave out demos and he had some ideas for me, which is usually a great blue print whenever we work together, but I definitely added my paprika into their mix. Yes, the songs which were 95% Warren’s were completely written… although when we rehearsed, minor changes occurred. I was pretty happy with my performance on this particular record. It allowed me to really play out and unleash my own fury. From a drumming stand point I’m pretty proud of that one, so i don’t think i would have changed anything.

To your knowledge (or according to your best guess), who was / is the greatest musician in the world, on any instrument, out of anyone who has ever lived? Why?

Buddy Rich… because to this day there’s no one that can come even close to matching his ability behind the trap set.

What instrument should be mixed the loudest on an album?

The trombone. Under all circumstances.

Find out more about Brooks Wackerman right here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooks_Wackerman

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