Behold… The Arctopus

This is a video of Behold… The Arctopus performing live at Knitting Factory NYC on Oct 23 2005.

Take note of the following elements:

• The asymmetrical rhythmic patterns and counterpointilism. They do not hold down a steady pulse in the shape of a square. They are much like an amoeba. 
• The “through-composed” form — it does not repeat in a standard verse / chorus sequence.
• The guitarist does not use an over-saturated distortion like Dr. Zoltan does.

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you believe that plumbers should have perfect pitch and a photographic aural memory, visit Or just chomp your teeth at the ferret. }

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2 Responses to “Behold… The Arctopus”

  1. Prophet Matthew James went to the beach and complained:

    Structured diarrhea! and long hair.

  2. John L went to the beach and complained:

    stick guy does bass and high notes at the same time. budget conscious rock bands take note.

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