Are You The Same Enough To Be Different?

Are You The Same Enough To Be Different?

Humans have a hard time perceiving differences between one thing and another unless they are mostly the same. 

How much difference is there between:

Coke and Pepsi?
Sprite and 7up?
Ford and Chevy?
Forks and Spoons?
Dogs and Cats?
Star Wars and Star Trek?
Blondes and Brunettes?
Los Angeles and New York?
Mac OS and Windows?
Community Radio and Commercial Radio?
Republican and Democrat?
Condenser and Dynamic?
Lakers and Celtics?
Serif and Sans Serif?
Gibson and Fender?
Heterosexual and Homosexual?
Angels and Demons?
AM and FM?
English and Spanish?
Vegetarian and Carnivore?
McDonalds and Burger King?
Islam and Christianity?
Ketchup and Mustard?
DVD and Blu-Ray?
Yin and Yang?
White Wine and Red Wine?
Socialist and Capitalist?
Coffee and Tea?
Men and Women?
Rich and Poor?

Not much. Their fundamental sameness makes all the difference!

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! When your hearing starts to go, visit Or just drink some Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. It will help stabilize your psychotic mood swings. }

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Llyn Foulkes Plays "The Machine"

Los Angeles resident, Llyn Foulkes has built a one-man contraption he simply calls, “The Machine.” Find out more about Llyn in the documentary called, The Lost Frontier. Directed by Tamar Halpern, who recently debuted another documentary, Your Name Here, about two 15-year-olds starting a band in Silverlake.

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you think art can be a genuine expression of ideas, visit Or just listen to KROQ, which is 100% advertising. }

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Dr. Zoltan Presents "How To Sell…" Collection 1

Now you can download “How To Sell The Whole F#@!ing Universe To Everybody… Once And For All!” for FREE. This “Commercial Magnum Opus” originally released in 2005 by Sir Millard Mulch is being released as two remastered Digital Collections, Success and Failure. Each Collection will contain 2 hours of audio material, for a total of OVER 4 HOURS. (Probably closer to 5.)

The first of the two:

Collection 1: Success (53 Tracks Total)
Disc 1 – 24 Tracks, 69:18
Disc 2 – 29 Tracks, 66:53
Total Length: 2 Hours, 15 Minutes, 53 Seconds
Format: 192k mp3

Download it at or just wait to purchase it on iTunes.

Collection 2: Failure will be released next month. 

All tracks will also be made available in a Lossless Format inside The Secret Club.

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you think Compact Discs should become extinct sooner than later, visit What about that block? }

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Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell Claims Aliens Exist


“I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real,” Dr Mitchell said.

“It’s been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it’s leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.

Find out more about Dr. Mitchell (including some of his essays) at

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you think they are watching you, visit Isn’t that creepy? }

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Behold… The Arctopus

This is a video of Behold… The Arctopus performing live at Knitting Factory NYC on Oct 23 2005.

Take note of the following elements:

• The asymmetrical rhythmic patterns and counterpointilism. They do not hold down a steady pulse in the shape of a square. They are much like an amoeba. 
• The “through-composed” form — it does not repeat in a standard verse / chorus sequence.
• The guitarist does not use an over-saturated distortion like Dr. Zoltan does.

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you believe that plumbers should have perfect pitch and a photographic aural memory, visit Or just chomp your teeth at the ferret. }

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Dr. Zoltan Featured In Mike And Ike Video Game!

The music of Dr. Zoltan Presents: Sir Millard Mulch’s Fanatical Video Game Retroverse has been licensed to Mike And Ike’s new video game, “Lemonade Blends Blitz.”

Play the game:

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you believe that country folk are civilized, visit Or just eat some candy that has been sitting around for 50 years. }

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Dr. Zoltan Letter Read On 2600 Podcast, July 8, 2008

Dr. Zoltan was once again honored for his email-typing skills on the July 8, 2008 Edition of 2600 Magazine’s “Off The Wall” Podcast, hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein. Listen to the show, and at 50:16 you will hear it! 


And for those of you in the NYC area, be sure to attend The Last Hope at Hotel Pennsylvania, July 18-20. Dr. Zoltan will be unable to attend, but looks forward to hearing reports on the event!

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Shame On Chipotle!

Chipotle markets its food as some kind of hip, organic place to eat as a safe alternative to Fast Food. This is what their website says:

“Have we achieved our mission? No. Will we ever accomplish it? Never, because Food With Integrity is a constant process of searching and improving. But the changes will be noticeable, positive and significant.”

Yeah? Here are the positively noticeable and significant changes that will occur to your body after eating ONE BURRITO AND CHIPS:

And here is the VEGAN version, without chips…

Incredible! Zero Trans Fat!

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Wiretapping? I Will MAKE It Legal.

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Star Trek's Wesley Crusher Celebrates Death of 4th Amendment

From the blog of Wil Wheaton:

“You know, I was really annoyed with Hillary Clinton’s campaign when it went Rovian. But she stood up for our Constitution today. She stood up for our civil liberties today. Barack Obama did not, after promising us that he would. I am disgusted with Barack Obama right now. Completely disgusted.”


From the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Senate this afternoon passed the FISA Amendments Act, broadly expanding the president’s warrantless surveillance authority and unconstitutionally granting retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies that participated in the president’s illegal domestic wiretapping program. The House of Representatives passed the same bill last month, and President Bush is expected to sign the legislation into law shortly.

“It is an immeasurable tragedy that just after its return from the Fourth of July holiday, the Senate has chosen to pass a bill that betrays the spirit of 1776 by radically expanding the president’s spying powers and granting immunity to the companies that colluded in his illegal surveillance program,” said Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). “This so-called compromise bill represents a shameful capitulation to the overreaching demands of an imperial president. As Senator Leahy put it in yesterday’s debate, the retroactive immunity provision of the bill upends the scales of justice and makes Congress and the courts handmaidens to the White House’s cover-up of its illegal surveillance program.”

(NOTE: I have met Kevin Bankston — he helped me out with some legal questions during the recording of Sir Millard Mulch’s “How To Sell…”)


“I will MAKE it legal.” -Senator Obamapatine

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